Frequently Asked Questions

What is UppSite?
UppSite is the fastest and easiest way to convert your website into an application for high quality viewing on Smartphones, at just a click of a button. The system is 100% automatic, requires zero technical skills and will turn your website into a Smartphone application in a matter of minutes without any changes to your original site. In addition, UppSite enables application creators to earn extra money via a unique advertising network.
What is UppSite's unique proposition?

Instant Smartphone and Tablet Compatibility: UppSite automatically and instantly adjusts your website to fit the 3.5-4.3 inch screen of a Smartphone device and the 9.7 inch screen of the iPad tablet.

Real-Time Input: Readers can have a dialogue with site managers and comment on the website via their Smartphones or Tablets.

In Touch & In Control - All the Time: UppSite enables you to respond to your users from your Smartphone anywhere, at any time and still be recognized as Site Manager.

Extra Revenues: UppSite enables application creators to earn extra money via a unique advertising network.

Intuitive Use, Added Exposure: UppSite synchronizes the majority of plug-ins installed on your website with your application, including plug-ins containing material and clips from YouTube, etc. The system makes no changes to your original website and makes it available on the Android Market and Apple App Store, increasing readership and target market.

What is a Smartphone or Tablet application?
A native application is software available for download by anyone with a Smartphone/tablet. Unlike a WebApp, the application doesn't require using a browser and is installed directly on the device. The advantage of a native app for your website over a WebApp is that you don't have to change anything in your site's code to enable the app and it hold features that the WebApp can't enable, like Push Notifications.
Who uses Smartphones and Tablets?
In 2010 alone, over 174 million Smartphones and 21 million tablets were sold worldwide. This phenomenon indicates the future of the mobile Internet.
Why do I need an application?
Currently, the application market has over 200 million users, with thousands more joining every day, making it an excellent advertising and distribution business tool for all businesses. Mobile applications enable you to expand your audience and keep your readers updated at any time!
What kind of plans do you offer?
We offer 3 kinds of plans: Basic, Premium and Deluxe. Each plan suits a different kind of website. These plans enable websites owners to choose which plan is right for their sites and which plan will benefit them the most. You can read more about the plans and compare them here.
Can I make money from my app?
Yes, Premium and Deluxe users have the ability to make some profit from their applications. Our applications come with a built-in ads system. Premium users get 50% of the Ads revenue and Deluxe users get 100% of the Ads revenue. In addition, Deluxe users can integrate their own ads system into the one we use or exchange our system with their own completely.
I decided that I don't want my application anymore, what do I do?
Well, we're very sorry to hear you're leaving us! We value our customers and hope that before you make your final decision, you'll contact us to see if we can help you solve what made you dissatisfied with our service. To unpublish your applications from the different stores please contact us and include the email you signed up with and your application's name. We'll appreciate it if you'll include the reasons for your leaving in your message.
How can I contact you?
You can easily contact us through this form on any question you may have, and one of out representatives will answer you question as soon as possible an no longer than 5 days.
Registration and Setting Up
How do I create an UppSite application?
Creating an application is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply type your website address on the UppSite homepage URL box and UppSite will guide you through a short 3-steps procedure that will turn your website into an application in a matter of minutes.
What do I do if I am unable to register to the site?

If you are experiencing difficulty registering your website, please take the following simple steps:

• Make sure you filled all of the required fields on the registration form.

• Make sure you have entered your correct email address.

• Make sure your password is correct and is made up of at least 6 letters or numbers.

• Verify you confirmed the 'Terms of Use'.

If you have carried out all of the above and you're still experiencing difficulties, please contact us and an UppSite customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Where can I find my API Key and Secret?
To locate and insert your unique API Key and Secret, please read this following guide.
Is it possible to use UppSite on any website?
No, currently UppSite supports WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr based websites only. We hope to support a larger number of systems in the near future.
Do you support all WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr websites?
UppSite supports most of the WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr based websites. However, we do have several restrictions. UppSite doesn't create applications for hate, racism or pornographic websites (mild erotic content is allowed with the right marking). In addition, we currently don't support websites who have a built in store or are mostly based on BuddyPress or flash based galleries.
Can I choose my application's logo or icon?
Yes! While creating your application you can choose both its logo and icon. These images can be changed from your Dashboard at any time.
Can I change the way my posts are viewed on the app?
Yes! After creating your app you can login to you Dashboard and choose how your posts will be displayed: by a list, full posts or excerpt.
Can I customize the way my app looks like?
All of our users have the ability to customize their application. You can change your app's background and posts display. We're soon releasing a variety of custom themes to change and customize the way your app can look like entirely. These themes will be available for purchase by Basic and Premium users for a small fee.
When will these changes take place?
Changing your app's images and text will take place on the next version release. A minor version release cycle is usually 2-4 weeks.
How much does it cost to publish my application at a store?
Publishing your UppSite app is completely free of charge. Private publishing may cost up to $100.
How do I upload my application to a store?
You don't, we do everything for you! Basic plan users get published on Apple's App Store (App Store restrictions may apply), Android Market and UppSites Portal App. Premium and Deluxe users may choose not to publish their application on each of the stores mentioned above.
Can I publish my application to my own developer account?
All of our users' applications get published on UppSite's developer accounts, both on Apple's App Store and Android Market. Premium and Deluxe users have the option to publish their applications on their own private developer account.
How can my readers receive my application?
Each Smartphone user that reads your website can simply and easily download your application from an application store of your choice. By default, when your readers go to your website on their device's browser, a message appears on the screen, telling them about your app and allowing them to download the app through the app store or market! In addition, you can always update your readers by writing a post about your new apps and include direct links to your applications on the stores or share your application's public page, which includes all of the application's details and download links.
Why do I need applications for various devices?
Different Smartphones run on different operating systems, that's why a different application is required for each operating system. Apple's iPhone and iPad use iOS, while a lot of Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola's devices use Android. der to address the largest market, applications must be created for a wide range of devices and therefor, for different operating systems.
Can my application be rejected from the stores?
UppSite will do its utmost to ensure the successful upload of your application to a particular store. However, applications may be rejected, despite UppSite's best efforts. Please read our Terms & Conditions in order to ensure that your content falls in the required categories.
How soon after creation will my application be available for download?

After your app creation process is done, your app will be reviewed by our team to make sure it's compatible with the different stores and that it works properly. This check usually occurs up to 24 hours from your app's completion, but may take longer on weekends and holidays. Once an application is approved by UppSite, it gets sent to your chosen stores and is subjected to the store's policy as follows:

Android: Immediately.

Apple Store: 2-14 Working days.

Will my application be available on all Smartphones?
Your application will be available on all UppSite supported stores, Apple App Store, Android Market and UppSites Portal app.
Can I advertise my application on various stores?
Yes of course! You can advertise your application on Apple's App Store and Android Market.