The Elvis Mult-Strike video slot machine is trendy and well-reviewed. It was manufactured by Leading Edge Design in the USA and distributed by IGT. Americans refer to slot machines as fruit machines.

The Elvis Multi-Strike isn’t a traditional fruit machine. The Multi-Strike is a videogame that offers three levels of play. Each class has 20 reels. Multi-Strike can be described as video poker or fruit machine.

The Elvis Multi-Strike is a popular machine in pubs, casinos, and amusement arcades because it can accommodate multiple players. The device can be played by up to four players simultaneously, making it ideal for entertaining friends at the pub.

The King of Rock N Roll appears in the game quite a few times to add some fun. The game features classic Elvis pictures and other familiar poses. Rolling reels include Elvis-themed images like Graceland, Teddy bears, and guitars. In addition, the machine features a large print of Elvis as he was in his glory days.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Elvis Multi-Strike’s distributor IGT has licensed an online version. Like the arcade version, it allows multi-level play and multiple players to participate in the online game.

The arcade version allows players to move up from one level to the next, just as they would in a videogame as the player progresses in groups, the payout increases.

You should find the Elvis Multi-Strike at all online casinos accessible from the UK. Most casinos advertise it as a PS100 video game. Virgin and Sky Vegas are two of the best places you can find it. Like most fruit machine games online, the Elvis Multi-Strike is available for free or paid play. Before you wager on the free version, we recommend that you practice.