Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a video slot based on the cult movie of 1989 with the same title, is a game based on. Bill and Ted are well-known to all kids who grew up during the 1990s. They were the misfits with the smoky voices who zoomed through the universe in a time travel adventure.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a slot game developed by Isle of Man-based Microgaming, only has three reels and five paylines. But there is plenty to be excited about, especially if you are a fan of this film that launched Keanu Reeves’ career.

The slot machine may look as old as the movie, but it still allows players to win payouts of up to 4,000. It also has several other exciting features, such as a wild symbol and bonus games. The game is seamless and smooth, with icons that include scenes and characters from the movie far out, as the eponymous lackers might say.

Coin denominations

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure can be played with coins ranging in size from 0.10 to 2. One coin per payline is allowed, and every line is in play for each spin. This means that the cost of a single spin can range from 0.50 up to 10 credits. This slot is a good choice for low-rollers. All wins are paid left to right except for the scatter, which can be triggered in any order.

Play Game

As always, the game aims to match combinations on the reels to trigger payouts. It’s only possible to find one variety for each symbol as it is a three-reeler.

They include historical figures that appear in the film, as well as the characters who are endlessly quoted. The symbols include Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, and Genghis Khan. They also feature the enigmatic Rufus (the boys’ mentor), Bill, and Ted, the Wyld Stallyns Logo, the game logo, and the time machine phone box.

The Wyld Stallyns Logo is wild. This implies it can replace any other symbol in the game. However, it cannot replace phone boxes scatter. The prize is also generous at 1,000x when three are found. The Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Logo pays a 2,000x prize.

Three of the red phone boxes’ scatter symbols can trigger the Circuit of Time Bonus, which is very lucrative.

Bill and Ted pay 50x each, Rufus 20x, Abraham Lincoln 10x, Genghis Khan 5x, and three Napoleons only 2x.The slot has win lines that cascade. This means the winning lines are removed from the display, and the reels above them drop down to take their place.

Circuits of Time Bonus

In the Circuits of Time Bonus, players can win up to a certain number of free spins if they shoot at planets while they zoom through the universe. The players can fire directly at the worlds or play automatically, with Bill and Ted shooting. Random free spins will be revealed every time a planet hits. You can play all the re-spins revealed at the end of each round.

Guitar Bonus

This bonus is activated randomly and allows you to win some free spins. Any spin or cascade in the base game can trigger this mini-game. You can collect free spins if you stop the lightning on the sweet spot of the electric guitar string. A four-stringed electric guitar appears on the screen. Lightning forks will flash across the lines. Stop on the right place to get a free round of spins.

After the Guitar bonus game ends, you will be automatically returned to the base game, where your free games begin. All bets placed during the free spins are identical to the ones made on the spin that triggered the Guitar Bonus game.

“Strange Things are Afoot at Circle-K.”

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure certainly isn’t “bonus, horrendous, or most non-triumphant.” It’s an excellent video slot with a wild symbol, scatter symbols, and a bonus round that can be activated randomly. Spin the reels if you are a fan, or even if not.

Billion Dollar Gran Slots

Microgaming offers players an innovative way to make the next visit to Grandma a bit more interesting.

Billion Dollar Gran, a funny video slot featuring a grandmother with a lot of money saved up, is full of humor. It would be foolish to leave the money in her delicate and sweet hands with only a few kittens to look after.

Stay with us for a bit longer to read our complete review of Billion Dollar Gran. It’s never been easier to make a few extra dollars at the expense of a defenseless older woman.

Tea and biscuits

Billion Dollar Gran is a classic slot game that has a unique design. It stands out at first glance.

The game’s background invites the player to peek inside the living room of an older woman who is busy knitting. Her Cat is asleep on a pillow, and coins and banknotes litter the floor.

Billion Dollar Gran is a classic slot game that goes above and beyond to provide players with a unique gaming experience. The screen displays the paytable, a few command buttons, and flashing lights that accompany you during your game.

Pet the Cat, and let the Reels spin.

Billion Dollar Gran tries to mimic traditional slot machines in gameplay, and the result is compelling.

The fundamental game matrix consists of 3 spinning reels with a single payline at the center. The (+) and (–) buttons on the bottom of your screen will allow you to customize your bet setting easily. The number of coins you have in play cannot be changed, so all that is left is clicking the spin button to start the reels. Instead of cash prizes, symbols that line up along the payline will award you “win spins.”The second set of wheels is similar to the first, but there are five paylines this time. The new reels are spun to determine the cash reward.

You can click on the nudge-and-hold buttons below the reels to change the position of the reels slightly or to hold them in place until you want another spin. You can quickly multiply your winning chances by thinking strategically.

Double Paytable

Billion Dollar Gran has seven reel symbols on the main screen. These are the ones that award the famous win spins.

If you’re lucky, you could win up to 25 Winspins.

As soon as you reach the game’s second screen, the paytable will change to include new symbols like a cruise ship and a young man who seems to be after Gran’s fortune. The second game matrix is the same as the first, except that the wager you make has been fixed. You might win the jackpot if you hit the spin button.

Last Game Before Dinner

If you are lucky enough, you can to trigger the bonus feature of Billion Dollar Grand and win even bigger prizes.

You can try your luck at bowling instead of spinning the reels endlessly, as you would in many classic slot machines.

The best place to play with grandma is outdoors. To get there, line up three bowling balls on the payline. Choose a color and watch as the older woman tosses the balls. Your bonus cash prize will be determined by the position where the ball lands. This can make a big difference in the game.


Billion Dollar Gran is based on humor and an original double matrix system, which adds depth to the game despite its general settings.

Don’t be fooled; the grandma of the game is sitting on an enormous fortune. You should visit her often, be polite and listen to what she has to say. Have some tea with biscuits before you let the reels go. You can relieve this old lady of her unwanted savings with a bit of luck.