Amazing life of Life’s a Beach Did I tell you that last summer when I was in Canberra with my friends for picnic trip? We planned a lot for having fun as much as we can. We also decided to take the feel of going to casinos and try gambling too. We reached by evening and started enjoying the moment we reached to the hotel. We had our supper at night with something hard to drink. Next morning all of my friends were ready to thrill but I was not able to roam around with them because the drink suffered me a lot and I was prescribed to have rest for the day.

I was feeling bored in the room all alone so I went for online pokies. The game which I tried was Life’s a Beach, which was really the best capsule for me for the day and also can say ever. It is a 5-reel with 20 pay-line game in Amazing life of Life’s a Beachwhich the users have to match the symbols which are being displayed across the lines. I went for the paid version and after some time started playing with the real money. The main objective of this one is of matching; the more relevant you match the more you succeed in the path of play. The symbols which are being in use are umbrellas, radios and many more. As the name suggests, the theme is totally based on the life style of beaches. You will be astonished after crossing certain round as a symbol of hot babe which will please you and will also help you to win.

It is an easy one to try with little innovative mind and bit knowledge of making combination may lead to gain. Collection of many symbols will get you to go through the round of jackpot, which is above the horizon. At the end of the day I was very happy and the reason was that I was fortunate that I won the jackpot and made real capital too.

Enjoy the video.